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Monday, April 20, 2009

Google Story | Internet

“If you have an unhappy customer on the internet, he doesn’t tell his six friends, he tells his 6,000 friends.”
- Jeff bezos president

The google story-

What performs 150 million searches a day, speak 74 languages, reaches 32 countries, and is the 15th –most-visited U.S. Web site? The answer is, the privately owned, growing and profitable dot-com firm. By some estimates, Google’s 2001 revenues hovered around $70 million, while it doubled its number of employees and earned about $15 million in profit.

This success is particularly remarkable because Google entered the market in 1998, well after the other search engines were firmly entrenched with loyal customers. How did Google do it? First, it got the technology right at a low cost. Co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page figured out how to pack eight times as much server power in the same amount of space as competitors by building their own system from commodity hardware parts. Second, they invented an innovative new search strategy: ranking search query page result based not only keywords but also on popularity –as measured, in part, by number of sites that link to each web page. This meant that users search results were packed with relevant web sites. Finally the founders maintained a customer focus, used simple graphics, allowed no advertising on home page, and allowed only banner ads with graphics so search result pages download faster and are easier to read.

Google generates revenues from two B2B markets. It sells its search services to 130 Web sites such as and; it also sells keyword banners to Web advertisers. In a firm where 15% of employees hold a Ph.D., the innovation continues. The profitability is likely to continue as well, because Google pays close attention to user value, keeps costs low, and delivers eyeballs to advertisers.
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