E-Marketing and e Business
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Monday, April 20, 2009

E-Marketing and e Business

As the growth of shows, some marketing principles never change. Markets always welcome an innovative new product. Also, Google’s success shows that customers trust good brands and that well-crafted marketing mix strategies can be effective in helping newcomers enter crowded markets.

What do you mean by E-Marketing?

E-marketing is the application of a broad range of information technologies. We can understand with the help of following points-

  • Transforming marketing strategies to create more customer value through more effective segmentation, targeting differentiation, and positioning strategies.

  • More effectively planning and executing the conception, distribution, promotion,and pricing of goods, services, ideas.

  • Creating exchanges that satisfy individual customer and organizational customer’s objective.

This definition of e-marketing sounds a lot like the definition of traditional marketing. Another way to view it is that e-marketing is the result of information technology applied to traditional marketing. E-marketing affects traditional marketing in two ways. First, it increases efficiency in traditional marketing functions. Second, the technology of e-marketing transforms many marketing strategies. The transformation result in new business models that add customer value and/or increase company profitability.

What do mean by E-Business?

It is important, powerful, and unstoppable. But what is it, exactly? IBM coined the term e-business, and the Gartner group flashed it out to mean the continuous optimization of firms activities through digital technology. Digital technologies mean things like computers and internet, which allow the storage and transmission of data in digital forms (1’s and 0’s). E-business involves attracting and retaining the right customers and business partners. It permeates business process, such as product buying and selling. It includes digital communication, e-commerce, and online research, and it is used by every business discipline. "E-commerce is the subset of e- business focused on transactions."
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