Google Penalty
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Google Penalty

When it comes to Google penalty, no one knows whats the reason behind it. May be you have overoptimised your site of may be you have not followed the guidelines. But we at semsols follows all the google technical guidelines and webmaster guidelines to provide you the best results. We keep in mind how much important is your business and objectives. Some of the google penalty which we consider and take care to be away from those are:
  • Adsense Penalty
  • Automated Query Penalty
  • Back Link Penalty
    • Anchor Text Penalty
  • Bad Neighborhood Penalty
  • Copyright Penalty
    • Content Copyright
    • Image Copyright
    • Log
    • Penalty
  • Duplicate Content Penalty
  • Hidden Text Penalty
  • Keyword Stuffing Penalty
  • Link Building Penalty
    • Paid Listing Penalty
    • Reciprocal Link Exchange Penalty
  • Rank Loss Penalty
    • 30 Rank Loss Penalty
    • 350 Rank Loss Penalty
    • 950 Rank Loss Penalty
  • Recent Update Penalty
  • Redirection penalty
  • site templates
  • Subdomain Penalty


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