Panda Impacts PR Services Too
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Panda Impacts PR Services Too

Panda Impacts PR Services Too

In its war against low-quality online content, Panda is reaching into some unforeseen areas. For example, Search Engine Watch points out that some press release sites offer a free service that get the latest announcements spread across social and news networks. Others require you to pay to get advanced features which include adding text links within the body of your release. "The only question is now, thanks to Panda, which PR sites are still valuable for backlinks as some like and were hit by the first update? SEW provides a list of PR sites hit by Panda here.

Update 2.2

Panda Impacts PR Services Too

With the recent release of Panda update 2.2, it is clear that Google intends to continue to pursue such approaches. Briefly, with the latest update Google has improved its ability to detect scraper sites and banish them from the SERPs, writes SEOmoz. In the bigger picture, though, Panda has introduced so many changes to SEO it almost requires a new job description - to that of web strategist, SEOmoz says.

Many of these changes are not intuitive, at least as far as search was in the past. Sites with better content and better links could still find themselves rates lower because of the signals that predict that quality raters like those sites less, it said. "Basically, the idea is that the quality raters tell Googlers what they like," SEOmoz says. "The sites that people like more, they put in one group. The sites that people like less, they put in another group. Then they look at tons of metrics. All these different metrics, numbers, signals, all sorts of search signals that many SEOs suspect come from user and usage data metrics, which Google has not historically used as heavily. But they think that they use those in a machine learning process to essentially separate the wheat from the chaff.

"Find the ones that people like more and the ones that people like less. Downgrade the ones they like less. Upgrade the ones they like more. Bingo, you have the Panda update."


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