Face Illuminator is just the thing for Beauty
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Face Illuminator is just the thing for Beauty

Face Illuminator Pen

The Radiant Glow Face Illuminator Pen can also be used along with the Colorbar Shimmer Bar, which is a unique multi-purpose highlighter designed to give your face a sheer shine and enhance your glow. Available in a beautiful Rose and a sexy Bronze shade, it can also be used as a blush, lip highlighter or a body highlighter or even an eye shadow, and in the case of Shimmer Bronze, as a bronzer too! 

This product is designed in such a way that it enhances your makeup and also brightens the complexion to ensure that you never look dull giving your face a natural glow. It lends you a vibrant and perky look that makes you look fresh at all times and guarantees you eye balls! 

The Radiant Glow Face Illuminator Pen goes well with the Triple Act Compact - designed to give the skin a glowing complexion and a wonderfully smooth, oil-free finish. It also reduces spots and blemishes making it a one step makeup solution! You can also use it as a highlighter to enhance your best features.

Whether you are a working woman or a housewife, life is not easy. Handling clients at work, doing household chores and taking care of the entire family takes its toll. All this translates to a dull and dreary look. For every woman who wants a vibrant and perky look at all times, Colobar Cosmetics has a solution – The Radiant Glow Face Illuminator Pen.

With the latest products from Colorbar, getting that perfect look can’t get any easier. Try the virtual makeup section to choose your colours. To go through Colorbar’s entire face collection -
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