Natural Beauty Tips by Ravikant Sharma
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Natural Beauty Tips by Ravikant Sharma

Looking good is an important part of a woman’s life whether she is a housewife or a working woman. Every woman wants to have flawless skin, sensuous lips and beautiful eyes. To help them in their perennial quest for beauty, we at Colorbar Cosmetics provide Natural Beauty Tips and a exciting range of Cosmetic Products designed to suit every fashion and style need of the modern woman. Offering a range of exciting beauty products in a wide range of colors designed to nourish the skin, we ensure that every woman gets to look as beautiful as she wants to. 

Natural Beauty Tips

For the lips, we have a whole lot of shades to choose from. The user can choose the Soft Touch Lipstick which is available in 30 juicy shades and gives the lips a soft and smooth look or go for the Juicy Candy Lip Gloss which is available in 8 exciting flavors. If fuller and shinier lips are the theme of the day, Metallic Lip Gloss and Metallic Lipstick are just what are needed. Whether it’s the pouty and sexy look or the conservative look, we at Colorbar have the perfect product to meet every woman’s need. 

Lipstick Shades

A radiant and fresh look at all times is the demand of the day. Our face collection offers the irresistible Body Shimmer for that perfect luminous look. One can also use the Blusher which accentuates the cheeks giving a glow to the face. It is easy to blend and keeps the skin hydrated and smooth. We also offer lightly textured compact powders and long lasting oil free foundations which give a fresh and oil-free look. Each of these products is designed such that they keep the skin protected at all times. All these products come in different shades to suit different skin tones.

For today’s woman, paying attention to the eyes and nails is as important as paying attention to the face and lips. Our impressive range boasting of Extreme Lash Mascara, which makes the lashes look naturally thick and long, Water Proof Eyeliners available in black, Eye Shadows in 8 different colors and I-Glide Eye Pencil which gives the eyes a rich color, helps in getting those beautiful, mesmeric eyes. For those who love to pamper their nails, we offer a colorful palette of nail lacquers with more than 50 shades to choose from!

Beauty Products

We offer a wide choice of products in various colors to ensure that every woman gets what she is looking for. Our Beauty Products are formulated to beautify the skin keeping in mind nourishment at the same time.

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Natural Beauty Tips


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