Face Make Up Products
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Face Make Up Products

All day makeup generally makes one’s skin look oily. We ensure that this does not happen with our Time Plus Long Stay Makeup. This Makeup gives the skin a clean matte finish and stays on all day! One can also go for our Time Plus Compact Powder if one wants a “no makeup” look. Available in four lovely shades, this powder provides a smooth finish that lasts for hours while nourishing the skin.

Women these days yearn for that delightfully perfect look; a lot of them do not know what kind of makeup would suit them. Most women are searching for Face Makeup Products online to get that flawless look.  We at Colorbar Cosmetics truly understand what women want; with a wide product portfolio ranging from foundation and Face Illuminators to shimmer blushes, we offer everything a woman would need to look beautiful.

Our Blusher, which contains a moisture balance formula, keeps the cheeks smooth and adds the right hint of color to give the cheeks a rosy look. Our Shimmer Makeup Products, like the Body Shimmer, which is a multi-purpose shimmering powder designed to give the body and face a luminous and radiant look, and the Shimmer Bar, which is a unique highlighter, work extremely well with the Blusher. We offer the Shimmer Bar in two exciting colors – Shimmer Rose and Shimmer Bronze, and just to make things a little easier, one can use the Shimmer Bronze as a bronzer too!
For a vibrant and perky look, one should go for our Radiant Glow Face Illuminator Pen. This one of a kind product is designed to enhance makeup and brighten the complexion so that the face has that natural glow one yearns for. In order to reduce spots and blemishes, one can use our new Triple Act Compact which is available in seven different shades; formulated to give the skin a bright flawless glow and a smooth, oil-free finish. 


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