Website Designers in India
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Website Designers in India

India Web Design Company reiterates that the website designs can make or break your repute in the IT arena. So it is imperative that one spends some forethought and invest some expert knowledge into making the site designs so that your corporate website has good standing with the users and also the casual visitors can be turned into potential buyers for the company after seeing how professionally the website has been designed. So it is worth considering as to how one should design the site so that it gets good rankings with the viewers. Proficient design studios in India lay down the Web Site Design Solutions that can help you steer towards the correct path right from initial step of designing the web site. Some of those are mentioned below:
·         It is also very important that the websites should be compatible with most of the browsers. Website Designers in India, therefore check the sites on various browsers in the testing phase before launching the final version. That is the success mantra for renowned design studios.
·         Another very important consideration while making a website is that it should be very straightforward and simple in terms of navigation. The main intention of your site should be keep your visitors on your site for more than 4 seconds. If the ‘magic’ is done in those crucial moments then half the battle is won. If the users are able to manoeuvre through the site in a comfortable manner and are also able to retrieve the required information easily then it is really worth an effort to make the site, however if the users feel lost and they do not know which way to go to get the desired information, then they would simply click the exit button to never ever visit the site again.  Therefore the companies of Website Design in India pay special attention to the navigational strategies as well.
·         Using the minimalist design principle: This implies that there should be appropriate usage of white spaces in the website. ‘White’ does not literally mean white as in colour only rather this implies the openness or the feeling of spaciousness that allows the users with breathing spaces and also gives them room to look for things easily and try to work their way around for their needs. The ‘cramped up’ feeling in the website is a huge turn off for the users who can feel lost in the site design and may just decide to exit the site. Therefore this should be seriously avoided.  
·          Web Designing Companies say that there should be appropriate usage of colours in the websites as well. For example professional corporate websites should not be designed in bright reds, yellows and blues. These can be a huge turn off to the users and can detract from the main intention of the site. In case that is done then nobody would actually try to pay any heed to the products and services that you are endorsing and they would just be focusing on the site designs only. After all that is not the intention of a corporate website. However using these colours is appropriate for kids’ websites who respond to bright colours. Corporate websites should be muted with neutral colours that are not too loud and garish.
·         It is also imperative to avoid using flashy graphics and heavy animations that take very long to download. For the time that these take to download the users might lose interest in the site or may get attracted to another faster downloading site that would give a quick access to the required information.  
Therefore in order to reap the best from your site; it is mandatory to make a site based on the above guidelines. After all it is only a successful site that is the harbinger of successful business endeavour.

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