Ecommerce Website Design Company
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Ecommerce Website Design Company

One of the most successful E-Commerce domains has been the aviation industry. Almost 90% of the tickets sold on LCC’s and domestic carriers are reserved on the web. The GDS (global distribution system) is a dedicated Ecommerce Site Design platform working solely for the aviation and tourism industry. Second in the running is the retail industry which is growing slowly but surely with consumers finding it easier to order daily amenities from the comfort of their houses with E Commerce Web Solutions India.
The amount of trading and transactions has grown steadily and rapidly in the past few years with the increase in internet penetration and traders using new and innovative ways to advertise and promote their services over the web.
From a traders standpoint it makes more economical sense to setup an Ecommerce Store from Best  Ecommerce Development Company in India. Firstly the initial setup is much easier as all you need to get started is an Best Ecommerce Website development software, a payment gateway and a ready stock of goods, secondly, the over head costs of paying rent to hire a physical place, hiring staff, taking care of electricity, cleanliness, water etc is totally cut out thereby eliminating the extra costs and the headache of maintaining all this. Thirdly the risk of a store catching fire, getting robbed, or getting affected by natural calamities is reduced greatly by having a virtual store. Lastly, an Ecommerce Store never sleeps .Even when you as a trader/seller  have slept your store will continue to sell and take orders for you generating revenue 24X 7.
E Commerce Website Design India

In the Indian scenario there is still an apprehension in ordering goods over the web due to security reasons .This has pushed back the E-Commerce In India .The good news is that global trends and records show that it is much safer to shop over the web as compared to physically shopping for something in a store .The security measures used on the web have become extremely stringent with norms like SSL, encryption, digital signatures etc coming in thereby encouraging buyers to use the web more and more to shop for their goods.
The above points only cover some of the benefits of future of Ecommerce In India at the macro level. The advantages far outnumber the disadvantages and it will be fair to say that the Ecommerce Internet Solutions  is here to stay and can only go from strength to strength in the years to come.

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