Develpoment of E-Commerce
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Develpoment of E-Commerce

evolution of e-commerce

Have you ever think why many universities started various courses like MBA e-Commerce, PGD e-Commerce, Certified e-Commerce Program , BE Ecom. e-Commerce Application Training etc.

The reason is business over the internet is growing at very fast .For this the first domain name registered on March 15, 1985.It took another 15 months to register first 100 names primarily by universities and Fortune 1000 companies. Today, there are close to 12 million active web sites. It is predicted that by 2004 there would be 120 million registered web sites. In early the medium and large sized organization have started using computer for a variety of management and data processing needs. It is to meet this demand for computer application professionals.

Now , it is possible that we can buy and sell product electronically, and payment also can be made electronically ,such as debit card ,credit card, e-cheque etc.

According to a survey in the terms of number of user it is estimated that 1 billion people would be using internet in 2001 and the ratio is increasing regularly.

It creates the need of qualified persons in the organization. US corporations spent $16.5 billion on training and education of its managers. A Business Week survey found that, when companies send their executive for further training, most wanted topics are: leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and the Net. What Internet has done is to provide access to the customer as never before. The fundamentals of business, however, have not changed and a successful entrepreneur needs both the knowledge of technology and fundamental aspects of business. An
MBA in e-Commerce is designed for addressing this need.

So this is the reason that most of top universities like Jiwaji University provide the e-commerce, and computer related courses. MBA e-Commerce stream started by Jiwaji University in Year 2004.

E-commerce Careers:-

• Content developer.
• Web programmer and application developer.
• Database administrator.
• Web master and,
• Search Engine Optimizer (SEO).

To get these career, we have to extract some knowledge about–

Knowledge of www.
• Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).
• Familiarity with web creation tools such asMacromedia, Dreamweaver, Hotmetal Pro, Fussion, Adobe Photo Shop, Corel Draw, GIF Animator and Macromedia flash.

Marketing / SEO

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